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  • A Yahoo! User Jul 17, 2010 02:17 Flag

    Cow's milk to be phased out in UK?

    keyword or martletts or whatever you rname is, why do you hide behind an id where you 'claim' to be female?
    I dont care if people send free meds back to their homeland, i dont care about the £11B or the area you call 'little lagos'. I dont care about the guy who gets £8000 per month for his property...There, is that coherent enough for you?
    I didn't vote the corrupt government in that made all this possible, YOU DID.
    I do live within a corrupt system, as do YOU.
    Why on Earth would you think of writing all your petty moans onto a football forum in the first place? I can only offer 3 options to you;
    1. If you're frightened, which you obviously are, write and tell your MP, as corrupt as he is, he may be still able to help you.
    2. Become an MP and rid Britain and its governments corruption yourself.
    3. Shut the #$%$ up, grow up and deal with life you moaning #$%$