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  • TWO adventure-loving brothers were beaten by a sneering mob for being "too worthy" while training for a 125-mile charity walk.
    Gareth Cottrell, 26, and his younger brother Fraser, 15, were preparing for a coastal walk in aid of Cancer Research when the ten yobs attacked them.
    The thugs, who were sat by a canal drinking lager, yelled abuse at the pair — calling them "worthy w*****s".

    They then pelted the pair and their pal Josh Fitzpatrick, 21, with stones as they tried to escape.

    One of the gang even slashed Gareth's cheek with a key hidden in his fist, causing a gash that required ten stitches.

    Gareth, a radio producer, of Stalybridge, Manchester, said: "I just cannot believe you can be targeted by yobs simply for wanting to help others.

    "You would think people would be happy to see us doing some good yet all these guys wanted was a fight.

    "It shows what England is like now. If the three of us can be attacked in the early evening while training for a charity walk, it's just crazy."

    The lads, who are trying to raise £1,000, needed hospital treatment for their injuries.

    A spokesman for Greater Manchester Police said: "We are investigating the assault and our inquiries are ongoing."

    Disgraceful Cliffster