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    Butchy, so who 'chinned Lee Bowyer'?

    a) Butch

    b) Your daughter's boyfriend

    c) None of the above - it was a lie.


    I understand that people shouldn't be so quick to judge those who say things that are unnecessary. Can any of us say that we haven't said anything we later regret?

    I think it's about owing up to your past misdeeds, that's what most of us are interested in, we want to see a reformed character.

    Butch, look me in the eyes and answer this simple question - did you lie about chinning Lee Bowyer?

    A simple Yes or No reply would suffice.

    I hope we can finally put this issue to bed.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • *BUMP*

      Butch, I'm still awaiting your reply mate.

      If you think I will let this issue "lie" by maintaining your silence, you're fooling yourself mate.

      It won't go away until you give an answer to the majority of posters who want to know truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, did you or did you not chin Lee Bowyer on that fateful day in Southend?

      A simple YES or NO would suffice mate.