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  • Tell Woy just why it is racism in it's base form and there is no reason a religous building can't be built near ground zero. It is hatred being promoted by a guy who i think is supposed to be a comic by trade. Don't run away Woy answer the question when it comes

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    • Not at all Roy,

      I never believed he had any relations killed in Gallipoli anyway,....but as I was going anyway...however.. I don't recall too many people with African origins fighting for the mother country in the name of a Colony at the turn of the century in any case. ...and he is black isn't he ? that's what he tells everyone !....! what ???...you don't think old Kryspin is telling another porky do you ?

      .............and to think we believed that Lee Bowyer drinks in a bar in Southend,...and he does....doesn't he ?

    • "Is Butch a mate? I don't know him from Kryspin, or Justin, or Papadopolis, or Cairns, or bendoverjock, or JoKer, or Drunken_sailor_I, or DOW66, or paradise_found, or Eric Cantona, or Slayer, or Vlad or Jockstrap.... or just any other name on a board of the same poster using different Id's, who sometimes sends porn e/mails or phishing forms to an account only set up for him, so it couldn't have been anyone else, or phones people up and threatens their daughter, or brags about chinning Lee Bowyer, the says he wasn't even there.. !! , I wouldn't know him if he walked past me in the street, if he kept his hand in his pocket masturbating ! Like you Chaz, I don't think he has too much intelligence. He can be useful at times though ,it breaks the day up reading his pathetic posts .............

    • Dear oh Dear Roy,

      and I thought no-one knew.!

    • Why are you calling the pommie cop a cry-baby Sir Butch?

      Is it because he's a whingeing pom?

    • Woy. This is going to stick in my throat a bit but here i go.
      Sometimes things look more complicated than they are and i think this mosque building row is one of them. After your post asking if i would see it as right or wrong to move next door to someone my Son had killed, i thought it was to simlplistic but maybe things are sometimes simple and i can see why you made the comparison.
      I think now that the people objecting to the mosque being so near to ground zero are right. I still think they are phobic about islam but that does not mean they are not right about this topic but not right in their views in general.

    • I guess you didn't like the accusation being thrown back at you that you are everything you say Woy is but in reverse. One thing Woy is right about and that is that you are happy to call him names about his post but are not able to put into adult words and sentences just why Woy is wrong or what you say he is. I will leave you now as i made the mistake of thinking your were an adult

    • I am not on his side but I don't think he is racist Kryspin.
      I have given my view even though I am no expert on the subject. I just call it how i see it. I did think that you might have put his opinions in the shade with a more serious response. Maybe Woy is right about one thing, and that is that you are not capable of giving a grown up reply. I thought your joke about not objecting to the building but to the half size 767 on the roof was just as anti christian as you say he is anti islam. Maybe i should leave you both to it

    • Don't hold your breath Alex.......................Won't happen!