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  • Time Traveller Time Traveller Aug 24, 2010 00:45 Flag

    Paranoia exists here.

    I noticed there seems to be an element of paranoia here on the Chelsea board, every time I leave a comment I get accused of being a troll, so far I have been accused of being someone by the name of Deepak, Backstabber etc etc,
    Well guys just because someone says something that you may not agree with or against Chelsea FC it does not mean we are a troll, its an open forum available to all member's of the general public who use yahoo.
    Some of us might just be genuine people who want to talk about football, if we say something negative about your club take it on the chin, its called freedom of speech and everybody has a right to it.
    If not I suggest you all see a psychiatrist, and perhaps get yourselves some medication to treat schizophrenic paranoia. Tell him/her you are seeing trolls which are not actually there, he/she should be able to help you.

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