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    Whites And Blacks In Segregated USA

    These are the maps that show the racial breakdown of America’s biggest cities.

    Using information from the latest U.S. census results, the maps show the extent to which America has blended together the races in the nation’s 40 largest cities.

    With one dot equalling 25 people, digital cartographer Eric Fischer then colour-coded them based on race, with whites represented by pink, blacks by blue, Hispanic by orange and Asians by green.

    The resulting maps may not represent what many might expect Barack Obama’s integrated rainbow nation to look like, as many cities have clear racial dividing line

    "I have seen year after year, preferred and obvious segregation at an american beach community. This is not a racial segregation or financial segregation, but without saying, clear proof that it is natural for people to choose to be close to those they are culturally or otherwise alligned. "

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