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  • I must say I've been very impressed by what I've seen of this lad so far. He looks to be the real deal and you couldn't have asked for a better coach than King Carlo, under whose tutelage this lad is going to shine. Deft footwork, good off-the-ball movement, and once he translates that into timed runs/goals, he becomes the heir apparent to Lampard.

    Wilshire, McEachran, and Rodwell seem to be the future for the English team. With lads like these flourishing under foreign coaches and honing their skills, together with a successful bid for 2018, it may be a distinct possibility that your nation wins the World Cup. I also see young exciting players like Carroll and Albrighton coming through and must say, am filled with mixed emotions. Happy for England, but saddened by the Azzuri's plight. Not since Baggio have Italy produced a genuine match-winner. Del Piero was scuppered by injury early on and although he had a good career, never quite fulfilled his prophecy. Totti was always too temperamental and was always more loyal to Roma. Pirlo is the closest the Azurri have come to producing another Baggio. Although we won in '06, we didn't deserve it. We probably deserved it more in '94.

    Let's hope I'm not asking for too much by attempting a football discussion here! :))