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  • Chris Fortune Chris Fortune Oct 22, 2010 16:06 Flag

    Adam P Brain

    Poor fella. He can't understand why he re-creates another identical ID with a different account, and still gets his posts deleted for defamation, racism, spam.
    It's because he has been a Pea Brain ever since Adam.

    One day he'll get the message that there are other forums on the internet where he can post his Daily Mail ethnically divisive rubbish.

    He doesn't even realise that the Chelsea Yahoo chat forum is NOT a recruiting ground for the National Front and its successors in porn.

    Chelsea have a totally black African-descent front line selected from Sturridge, Anelka, Drogba and malouda. We have three black midfielders of the highest quality in Essien, Ramires and Mikel.
    Even ten years ago we had a completely black back-line (including Desailly and Babayaro). Ken Monkou was our player of the season in the EIGHTIES.

    Grow up you racists. We have moved on as a human race. When will you catch up?