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  • For chelsea fans, football haters back off

    When do you expect the fat one to have his first full game? He usually does quite well in the fantasy league, so need to time my move!

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    • yes, mikel scouted and paid for by united and stolen by chelski... just like robben.. just like ballack.... you should be banned for much longer than for the kakuta and cole 'tapping' up.... ruski going about thieving players like he did his fortune.. crooks... obrigado!!

    • And many thanks for all managers who have understood that Mikel at 23 or 24 has developed into the makelele role FIVE years earlier than he did himself.

      Mikel's future at chelsea is absolutely assuyred and he will be a force in control of the back half of midfield for 10 years to come.
      This guy is set to be a real chelsea legend.

      i - for one - don't give a flying #"c~ if he doesn't score goals.

      His influence and steadiness are becoming absolutely A W E S O M E

    • Mr Smith...the morons try to rule here.

      They think that Stamford Bridge is still a National Front recruiting ground.

      But what they don't know (and do now) is that they are being monitored by the Right Wing Squad of the security forces that are trying to keep the lid on UK society that is being challenged not only by terrorists but also by internal neo-fascist organisations like BNP / NF and EDL.

      They ARE of course being watched.

      And every extremist, provocative and inflammatory posting of theirs on the internet is being lodged on a data base which (one day) will catch up with them..

      As for Frank Lampard I hope he recovers properly and takes it easy, 'cos we have five midfielders chasing for three positions and he can relax in the knowledge that the future of the club is in good hands with Essien, Mikel, Ramires, Zhirkov and McEachran. Note we let Joe Cole and Deco go with Ballack because smartly we have brought in Zhirkov and Ramires and McEachran to bring the age of the midfield down from30 to 25 average

      Their poorly disguised attempt to mix it with spam and apparently drug-induced ramblings does NOT confuse the authorities.

    • anon the nine noonties chelsea fc mega retread thirty one times as seen by tom tucknot.

      Of course he might stanford bridge the way next after josh but ancelotti could,

      you never know really.