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  • Owen Owen Nov 12, 2010 01:28 Flag

    11th of The 11th at 1100

    I stood today at 1100 and paid respect to those who had fallen in all of this country's conflicts.
    Somehow I was able to reflect on how brave they must have been and how they had suffered for this nation.

    Ironically this sense of respect was even more heightened by the cowardly act of Yahoo.com in deleting tributes and blocking emails. And also the continued despicable cowardly behaviour of those creeping to Yahoo saying they were offended by theses gesture despite the priveledges this country has offered them,.. and they have gratfully fed off.
    These behaviours make it more important to stand up and challenge these attempts (Yahoo et Al to block our freedoms under the name of political correctness and spineless cowardism.

    Sunday 14th November is another day to reflect on past bravery but also to remember the weakness and treachery of companies and individuals that live on our own doorstep.

    Mark these days with your respect and determined courage not to allow these unprincipled and creeping life forms to sweep our freedoms away.