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  • me me Dec 10, 2010 16:45 Flag

    Is the sacking of Ray Wilkins the reason for Chelsea's drop in form?

    It seems the players have very little confidence in their manager right now. They are obviously finding it hard adjusting to life without Ray. Was he really that influential?

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    • calvados is pretty good for supper, too.

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    • Injuries and a phenomenal sequence of bad luck.
      Penalties not given, bar and post hit when keeper beaten - and so on.

      Then the loss of confidence that this accumulates.

      Not a big deal. Still within a win or two of top spot and qualified in top position in champions league and many youngsters blooded and sen NOT to be the cause of the problem.

      I for one am happy to see this period launch the career of Josh McEachran - which, in the greater svcheme of things, will be seen as a great side benefit of the past two months!

      Great goal from Inverness by the way....another deep fried haggis from Beauly, please Jimmy