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  • A Yahoo! User Dec 31, 2010 22:26 Flag

    Ahhhh.. Crying Maggot Nears Death!


    Ahhh Lovely Stuff!

    Gather near chums and suppress thine titters as the Maggot dons the cloak of senescence and writhes on its death bed.

    Giggle into your sleeves out of respect for this pointless creature while its crude mind struggles to comprehend what is happening as each post after another goes unanswered..

    In layman's terms Maggot it's curtains, you are buying the farm, kicking the bucket, and will soon be Hovis (Brown Bread).

    Fret not Maggot as lack of oxygen foists kaleidoscopic and fantastic apparitions and vistas into your dying mind, just go with the flow and co-operate with the inevitable, your time on these boards is at an end..

    Yes, shuffle off this Mortal coil Maggot and do not rage against the dying of the light..

    'It won't work bruv'!

    A final thought... Good riddance!

    Kind Regards, Bert 'Cuffy' Merris (At your service)

    (You May Cross The Mersey, But You Don't Cross The Merris! )

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