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  • Owen Owen Jan 8, 2011 02:13 Flag

    As I was saying Derek..


    I didn't think for one moment that the tripe being posted was your usual fine prose.
    As for the people impersonating as well as squealing (using different id's) to get post deleted. it says a lot about their pathetic existences. One thing for sure they cannot be very successful at anything if they can spend all hours trawling web pages to feed on or spread bile. You mentioned once "skills pay the bills".. and that says it all.. There is the likes of ianharris who describes himself as a 'musician' creeping round boards feeding off anything at all hours - He can't be in much demand as a musician! I feel a bit of pity for Harris as a type of deluded muppet.

    However, the other fraudsters squealing the 'R' word do not stand for anything, values/fairness/equality. The are not worried about immigrants treated unfairly, or the weak and under privileged They only stand against anything that they are unable to achieve
    It is inverted bigotry - foreigners can abuse British but the opposite is labelled as racist. Crooks can commit crimes but a law abiding citizen cannot speak out against. They are fouled mouthed and abusive but as soon as someone says something like what they ahve they go squealing that they have been targetted and bullied. An MP can be jailed for fraud and hung drawn and quartered yet street #$%$ can get away with it claiming some kind of immunity because of their social staus/background.
    These are the people swinging from the flags on the Cenotaph and living off society and supporting anything anarchaic or destructive and will turn against anything.. reporting the police for not calling them "MR" etc...

    This is where we are the internet - a tool of democracy being blocked by human mucous. Of absolutely no value yet allowed to thrive...

    Anyway .. time to go I'm much to busy.

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