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  • A Yahoo! User Feb 11, 2011 14:22 Flag

    Lockerbie, the story so far ...

    Lockerbie, the story so far ...

    1. Backstabber finds a bit of 'news' about UK and US collusion over the release of the innocent Lockerbie bomber.

    2. He posts it up for some unknown reason, no explanation, nothing.

    3. He implies that somehow this proves that something I've posted has been proven untrue.

    4. When I replied, asking for details, and links to posts that prove his point, (whatever that was), he DELETED the thread!

    5. Kipper, the turnip farmer, chips in: as usual his post has zero facts, and zero relevance, he hasn't a clue, as usual.

    6. Now they expect a debate without facts of any kind from their side, they seem to think it's going to be facts from me against unfounded allegations from them.

    7. Now watch this thread disappear!

    cheers, the winner, and Lockerbie expert!