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    Qaddafi and bin Laden eliminated


    Time to search out Rikk

    This topic is deleted.
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    • We'll have to disagree on this, I don't see tribal reservations, some the size of small states, as being the same as a prison camp with a fence around.

      If you want to claim reservations and the like as concentration camps, then you'd have to go back thousands of years, long before Columbus "discovered" America.

    • By definition, yes Rikk...absolutely, but as defined, a Concentration Camp is a place where people are forced to stay and sometimes illegally killed. The Native Indians were not allowed to migrate, and forced to stay within the areas designated by the US State. People being put in these camps because of their religious views, ethnic backgrounds, or social attitudes. That by the very meaning of the word, would make them imprisoned in an area given by the people containing them. In every way you look at that, its was a prison camp....not a land.

    • 100 years before Little Big Horn(1876), the British had concentration camps set up in Acadia (1755 - 1763), however it was the French who threw the locals into them.

      No doubt the first 'modern day' concentration camps were set up by Nazi Germany. Camps have been in existence for centuries as far back as the Assyrians in 900BC, however the term 'concentration camp' was first used by the Spanish, who used them to intern Cubans during the uprising in 1868.

      Hope this helps.

    • Reservations are a bit different from concentration/prison camps, reservations were lands, not prisons.

      Most things are just improvements on something that came before it.

    • And who do you think funded the Nazi's originally?

      Which country still uses slave labour, under a different guise now of course?

      Any more snippets from wiki?

    • To be fair Roy/Rikk..., I would say the Americans invented the first concentration camps in the original state, when they hearded all the native American Indians onto reservations in the days of the Little Big Horn, General Custer and Co. The British improved on the idea, followed by the British in the Boar War in South Africa,....and then the idea was fine tuned by the Nazi's.

      Perhaps someone will prove me wrong on that theory, but thats the earliest example I can think of.

    • Why is it a lie?

      Can't you find it?

      Did you delete it before you saved every word?...................You are slipping Old Man.....Your mind is getting Beffuddled!

    • "Old hat.....................I posted the definitive list a couple of years ago during a thread."

      Another lie, like the one about how you had mentioned before that the Seals team was the same one that botched the rescue of Linda Norgrove.

    • List of countries the USA has bombed since the end of World War II

      China 1945-46
      Korea 1950-53
      China 1950-53
      Guatemala 1954
      Indonesia 1958
      Cuba 1959-60
      Guatemala 1960
      Belgian Congo 1964
      Guatemala 1964
      Dominican Republic 1965-66
      Peru 1965
      Laos 1964-73
      Vietnam 1961-73
      Cambodia 1969-70
      Guatemala 1967-69
      Lebanon 1982-84
      Grenada 1983-84
      Libya 1986
      El Salvador 1981-92
      Nicaragua 1981-90
      Iran 1987-88
      Libya 1989
      Panama 1989-90
      Iraq 1991
      Kuwait 1991
      Somalia 1992-94
      Bosnia 1995
      Iran 1998
      Sudan 1998
      Afghanistan 1998
      Yugoslavia - Serbia 1999
      Afghanistan 2001
      Iraq 2003
      Libya 2011

    • Wassup kipper, no-one paying you any attention?

      Now go and play with your toys whilst the men discuss world affairs, there's a good boy.

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