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  • At club leel, Rooney. At country level maybe Suarez.

    Rooney hit the international team like a thunderbolt, then tappered off to look like an ordinary player. Suarez has been better IMO.

    ither way, Man U are lucky to have Rooney, as he gives his all and delivers for his club..............Suarez is new to Liverpool, so time will tell.

    Rooney is a #$%$ Suarez apparently has had the odd moment where he is not the most proffessional........................But for my club, all in all, i would pick Rooney mainly for his massive work rate)

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    • Yep. Suarez is probably the most hated man in Africa at the moment. Ghana were as good as through to the semi final of the world cup..... untill Suarez blatantly swatted the ball of his own goal line with his hand! And then celebrated like he'd just won the world cup when Gyan missed the resulting penalty. Ive never seen a more deserving semi finalist as Ghana in that match either.