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  • FABongrass FABongrass May 14, 2011 07:09 Flag

    Psycho Alert - Martletts is Back


    Ring the alarm. The nutcase is back.

    Much Love xxxxx

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    • And he brought two of his trusted carers with him, Bert and Tezza!

      This is the final nail in his coffin, everyone has now turned on him, not that many were ever on his side, most of them were his own creations, Bert, Tezza, Cliff, Marquis, Nobamunism, Buster, Gidup, Sarah .... and many, many more.

      The only real people that had it with him were Nige, Kipper, NODDY and Irons, I don't know why, he's always been a racist #$%$ with no redeeming features, but there you go, I don't think he can rely on them any more, so it's back to his imaginary friends.

      cheers, Doh!

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      • Trusted Carers? HAhahahahahahhaa

        That concept sounds rich coming from a thieving drug addled jailbird who supplies hard drugs to his own family members!

        Is that what you call being a 'Trusted Carer' 'Daddy Altree?

        HAhahhahahahahahaha "Please Daddy, Can I have some More?" Hehehehhehehee

        'Trusted Carer Altree' Killing Them With Kindness! HAhahahaha

        HAhahahaha "Roll Up Your Sleeve Now Petal' HAhahahahha

        Worthless Maggot!

        cheers, Dere