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  • A Yahoo! User Jun 20, 2011 13:39 Flag

    HAhaha Rikk Gets WARNED hehehehe

    John Downer,(RIKK) if that's your correct name, you have NO idea what the word vindictive stands for, so stop trying to big note yourself as a town bully! (HAhahahhahaaa)
    Better off leaving that to the professionals, such as developers and councillors and State police.
    Try crossing swords with members of my Law Club, and we'll truly show you what VINDICTIVE means.(ewww)
    We don't #$%$ about either pal, and the sooner you find out how and why, and get off your high horse, you may come to realise you're a nobody with a pseudonym for a name. (hahhahhahahaa)
    The Federal Police may be very interested in your antics of late, so I wouldn't be running off with that loose-minded-mouth of yours if I was you, as there may just be a nasty surprise around the corner.(AHAhahahahhahahaa)

    Hilarious stuff!

    cheers, Derek