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  • Truth be told, it may be time to move Lampard on. His wages are high and he is on the wane. Sell now before his value plummets any more.

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    • Thats one of best suggestion i've ever heard about Lampard..he is not at his peak of play anymore so lets replace old legs with young hearted boys like Neymar and Modric.He has stay too long and he gave his best to the blues,Chelsea should wake up and realise that during coach jose mourinho he was known for his best defensive team and mid-feild,his supereb team has faded away but now you hadly understand the problems with Lampard,Mikel ,Solomon kalou,Essien, Anelka, Maluda and others..Chelsea problem is not about how many coaches they've change but the players are over used and we should realised that we need a brand new squad.lets AVB think and creat the greatest eleven ever at Stamford Bridge! its your time AVB go get it!