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  • Drogba has­ been a fine player for Chelsea since he signed in 2004,­ but the time is right for him to move on. Chelsea MUST­ start thinking of the future, not cling to the past.­ Drogba represents the past and the present but not the­ future. I'm not talking the next season or two but­ over a longer period. The future should mean in five­ years time or more not in the next two years. Chelsea­ desperately need freshening up. They WERE the best side­ in England from 2005 to 2008, but since then United­ have caught up and overtaken Chelsea. Chelsea therefore­ need to grab some initiative and respond to the­ gauntlet United have thrown down at their feet - by­ buying not just more players but YOUNGER players.­
    Chelsea need to plant the seeds of a new side, they­ need to show faith in their existing youngsters by­ calling them all back instead of loaning them out, but­ they must also buy more young players......players like­ Neymar, Falcao who represent what Chelsea should see as­ potential stars of the future. The side also needs an­ injection of pace and some 'zip' which has been­ lost over the last three years.
    Chelsea must respond­ to United's current dominance otherwise next season­ will just be a procession for United - and this is­ boring for everyone else. No one likes an uncompetitive­ league where there's one team head and shoulders­ above the rest.......that's why last season was­ vintage (yes, really).
    People remember a season when­ two or three clubs went to the wire, they quickly­ forget (unless they are fans of said club) a season­ where one team stays at the top after christmas, until­ the end of the season.
    Roman now needs to put his­ money where his mouth is and close the gap that has­ begun to open up between Chelsea and United. Drogba­ also probably needs a new challenge as he has nothing­ to prove to Chelsea fans - he is already among the­ greatest strikers to have played for the club.