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  • Heidi Z Heidi Z Jul 4, 2011 17:01 Flag

    Diego Godin

    Atletico Madrid defender Diego Godin has shown interest in a move to Chelsea Football Club.

    Apparently, Godin would jump at the chance to join the Blues and hopes that an offer is forthcoming.

    “In January, Atletico received an offer but the transfer did not happen,” Godin revealed. “They had already sold other players and did not want to weaken the team further then.
    “For Chelsea to still be interested in having me is an honour and means I must be playing well. Who would not want to play there? To do so would be a step up.”

    Ironic that we are spoiled when it comes to central defenders now - Terry, Alex, Luiz, Ivanovic - all world class players and now Godin, an Uruguay international, and to think, that was the reason Jose left us because of a falling out with Roman over not buying him a defender in January as he requested! Do you think we really need Godin?

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