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    NIgerian Beggar Married To Tycoon!

    The Nigerian woman who travelled to Britain to give birth to quins at the taxpayer’s expense is married to a wealthy businessman.

    Bimbo Ayelabola, 33, had two boys and three girls in April by caesarean section and remained in hospital for almost two weeks, costing the NHS up to £200,000.

    Her visitor’s visa has expired and she is now fighting to remain in this country, claiming a return to her home city of Lagos would leave her homeless and without a ‘support network’ to help her raise her five children.

    However the Daily Mail has learnt that her husband, who remains in Nigeria, is a wealthy businessman.

    University-educated Ohi Nasir Ilavbare is chief executive of his own logistics company whose clients include British American Tobacco and DHL.

    He also owns and runs an upmarket hotel and business centre in an exclusive suburb of Lagos, where his company, Spry Logistics, is based.

    Suites at the facility in a gated complex cost £100 a night. The average annual wage in Nigeria is around £300.

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