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    Petr Cech V Peter Bonnetti Who Wins?


    Can anyone tell me if both keepers , both in their prime, were fighting for a first team place, who would
    be first choice.

    Thank you for any help.

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    • beg to differ, Robert. I think the Cat was better technically; because he usually collected crosses rather than palming them away.
      But Cech has the edge because he has to leap 6 inches less than the cat (for the same ball) and therefore reaches a few more of the marginal ones. Also his kicking clearances are 300% better. Poor cattie could rarely reach the half way line and almost single handedly INVENTED the throw out distribution (and therefore the 'build up from the back')
      By the way, possibly the best save ever seen at Stamford Bridge was by the Cat in a 5-5 draw vs West Ham on Boxing Day 1966. And Cech and Carlo share the next best.
      We've been well-blessed with goalies over the years. Ed de Goey was pretty fair also! Although Wisie was moved to say to him 'Catch the f>c#ing ball' on more than one occasion.

    • can't compare since if both were in their prime, cech would win since the modern day player is fitter and more agile as the game is faster and sharper...... however, in terms of contribution to chelsea, bonnetti wins hands down for his longevity... cech, although a top keeper himself, has a long way to go to match bonnetti's contribution to the club.....