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  • N W N W Aug 19, 2011 13:32 Flag

    Mourinho a Disgrace

    I will always be greatful to Jose for the success he brought the club in his first two seasons but after witnessing his tactics and behaviour recently I am glad he is no longer Chelsea manager as he is a disgrace to football. Does anybody here feel the same way or would you still welcome him back as Chelseas manager?

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    • The vast majority of Chelsea fans couldn't see that JM was a #$%$ at Chelsea (because he was winning things).

      Funny how now he has left, they can all see him for what he is?

      And the same goes for Fergie. If he was succesfull at any other club, Man U fans would be saying they don't want the #$%$ at their club.....................But success blinds most fans to the truth.

      Another example is Tevez....................He has done nothing to make Man City fans love him and has twice said bad things about the fans and the city, but if he stays (because nobody wants him enough to stump up the right money) and he scores 5 goals in 4 games, the fans will lick the ground he walks on!!!

      Numpties many fans!!