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  • cf cf Sep 1, 2011 12:18 Flag


    He is building for the future as he knows drogba terry lamps and the the rest of the 30+ brigade will not be around much longer . We know have Daniel Sturridge Oriol Romeu Romelu Lukaku Josh McEachran Juan Mata all young . The future looks bright the future looks blue . It will take a few seasons but we have a heavy investment in youth and this should have been done 18 months ago

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    • I agree you have some good youngster's, so do other club's, but your success is built on out bidding all other's on wage's, but now you cant do that...Everytime a top class player become's available, City will gazuump, if only to stop them joining you....all the top player's this window have turned you down, and once Terry and Lamp's start fading come Jan or Feb, you'll struggle like last season,,,Your owner demand's PL title or CL trophy at least and if you dont deliver in 3 year's I can see him going, and to be honest your way behind Barca..RM..Manu..Man C, and soon to be PSG....Your youngster's probably wont get much chance to progress because the pressure of trying to keep up usually mean's the more experience play first...I see a bad moon arising...COYS

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      • The blues are already behind and will get further behind if the old soldiers still play despite failing miserably last season. It can only get worse. Play the new signings and the youngsters like Mac Eachran and Sturridge. The new signings of City look formidable and Man United looks as usual disgustingly menacing!