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  • A Yahoo! User Oct 23, 2011 20:27 Flag

    Absolute Disgraceful lack of Discipline........

    ......What on earth was Chelsea thinking?

    Shocking to say the least.

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    • Drogba has the brains of a rocking horse. A player of his experiance should know better. He didn't look interested from the first minute and the sending off came as no surprise. his days at Chelsea must surely be numbered, given his age, poor form and the revitalisation of Fernando Torres.

      Bosingwa's sending off was a tad harsh, but understandable. Luiz needs to learn and learn fast, but has time on his side.

      However, my biggest gripe was the lack of consistancy from Chris Foy. He was quick to spot Bosingwa's shirt pull and yet ignored/failed to spot the same offence on Lampard when he was standing in a similar position.

      Shaun Derry's over the top challenge on Lampard never even got a mention in the post match analysis.

      Luiz's challenge on Helguson was a foul, albeit very soft, and yet Foy ignored similar offences by Rangers players.

      The bookings Chelsea picked up for decent were understandable in the circumstances. Most players would struggle to control their anger at the perceived bias of the referee!

      Chelsea were poor in the first half and outstanding in the 2nd, anyone tuning it at half time could be forgiven for thinking Rangers were the team with 9 men on the pitch.

      Hopefully Chelsea will gain their revenge by thumping Rangers in the return match at the Bridge!