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    "You #$%$ BLACK #$%$ says JT

    have you seen the clip?
    He clearly says it..... . so what does this really mean? Does anyone doubt it goes on in life & in football???

    Is anyone really shocked about "that guy" has said this?

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    • Ah so what? Some (not all....but some ) black players conveniently play the race card whenever it suits them. If another black player comes up to them , slaps them on the back , and says hey ni%^er how's it going? its no big thing , just an everyday occurence. BUT , if a white player should say the same thing......well my goodness its a national bloody incident isn't it?

      This is a non event and shouldn't have ever have even been mentioned after the match. Poor little blacks. #$%$

    • A captain in a team with a bunch of black players insulting other team's black players is a complete disgrace and in fact criminal!!!!!!

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      • Oh you poor sensitive little prima donna blacks , oh boo hoo that bad man hurt my feelings I think I just might cry. What a load of #$%$

        Football is a man's game. Man up or shut up. How these pratts turn on the crocodile tears so conveniently.

        Tempest in a teapot.

        And I'm not a Chelsea fan. But nor am I a fan of yellow cowards attempting to bring race into a public forum where it needn't have been even brought up. First at Anfield and now at Stanford Bridge we've seen cowards trying to elicit sympathy by boo hooing and making claims AFTER the match.

        The new black.......is YELLOW.

    • Get a life

    • No, I'm not going on newspaper reports. "tasteless and unacceptable" , but not racist ? What do you think they meant ? I think the people who put the banner up are #$%$ racists, and have had a go at one poster un United's board only 3 days ago. The accusation against Bramble is, in my opinion, much worse than that against Terry, but , I think that the tabloids are being careful, especially after the Jo Yeats's murder.