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  • Michael john Michael john Nov 18, 2011 19:09 Flag

    Is Villas-Boas any good?

    everyone goes on about villas boas,is he the right man for the job.he has got so much fire in him,he is smoking with passion for the club.we have been here so many times before with other managers,he must stay for the good of the young players no matter what.its some of you fans that are to picky, who else would you like to see as manager .so lets ALL get behind our lads and cheer them on come good or bad, we are better than all the other teams in the premier

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    • just seen the match and i must correct myself villas boas may be out of hes league,but you cant blame the manager,some of the players are playing like chumps,we have have no mid-field genarals to take hold of the centre of the pitch.put in the youth and stop keeping with the old farts