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  • Michael john Michael john Nov 24, 2011 19:54 Flag

    Is Villas-Boas any good?

    So Cech comes out, its not the manager its the team OR is it big mouth Terry? Would you want to play with some one who use's the word B@%$k when half of he's team mates are coloured ( he should of stepped out of the team till all this was over)

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    • h es been in the job less then six months and hes being judged already . sure he s made mistakes but every manager ,even if they dont admit to it ,makes the badly timed sub,tactical switch ,etc.
      trouble is too many plastic chelsea glory hunters on here moaning as they have been spoilt on success with their "beloved chels " .
      too many tourists and glory hunters at the bridge booing players off unless theyre 5-0 up at half time .
      the real fan getting priced out of the market ,trouble is the powers that be are #$%$ lovin it !