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  • me me Oct 29, 2011 17:53 Flag

    Is Villas-Boas any good?

    Judging from what I've seen this season the answer would have to be no. Wonder how long before he gets the boot?

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    • i don`t think he is the right manager for chelsea. i have already stated several times that to me he plays his favorites. i don`t agree when he uses lampard and torres as subs.meireless and ramires play the full game and none of them cant tackle. avb does not see these two leave the defenders totally exposed. i can see how chelsea is struggling to score goals and to defend properly. avb does not see it. he is not good enough for me. even to get the 4th place will be a struggle. drop him, please. i don`t enjoy watching chelsea play the way they play now

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      • i think avb is good maneger 4 chelsea but he want to change the defender and torres , lampard and sturridge want play full half................avb want buy new power defender to win fa cup, premier league and champion league..........champion league very important 4 chelsea...............but avb use this chelsea squad 2 play champion.............it is very very very difficult to win champion league.....so buy more power,good and strong player to champion league,fa cup and premier league........

    • give the poor bloke a chance! He knows chelsea's reputation for kicking out managers without warning, and once he relaxes and stops looking over his shoulder for that (expected) unexpected boot, he will start to concentrate and get things done properly. Also, the chelsea players probably dont want to learn his way of doing things, as they will only have to start learning a different style when the new bloke arrives. I reckon give them all time and everything will turn out for the best. In the meantime. let's give them our support, after all, chelsea is our team!

    • first all the records that were set and upheld my all mgrs have been shot to #$%$!.......5 goals conceeded at home! at home if this guy can survive that.....its over for chelsea get rid of this dude........beg carlo to come bk.... and I dont care when u play torres as long as didiea plays every minitue!....thats it!

    • So Cech comes out, its not the manager its the team OR is it big mouth Terry? Would you want to play with some one who use's the word B@%$k when half of he's team mates are coloured ( he should of stepped out of the team till all this was over)

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      • h es been in the job less then six months and hes being judged already . sure he s made mistakes but every manager ,even if they dont admit to it ,makes the badly timed sub,tactical switch ,etc.
        trouble is too many plastic chelsea glory hunters on here moaning as they have been spoilt on success with their "beloved chels " .
        too many tourists and glory hunters at the bridge booing players off unless theyre 5-0 up at half time .
        the real fan getting priced out of the market ,trouble is the powers that be are #$%$ lovin it !

    • WELLsaid Robert,its not just me thinking that,Terry,Lamps,Drogba and some of the other over 30;s should have gone,they had there time when they lost to man utd in the champions league.The news papers keep saying to keep them on ( FOR HOW DUCKING LONG ) come on look at the other teams,they have young players not old timers,Why spend all those MILLONS buying young players and then putting them out on loan. WHY

    • give him time..

      he need to change the squad line-up.
      start with
      Strikers : Torres, Lukaku
      LW : Mata
      RW : Sturridge
      AM : Raul Meireless
      DM: Oriol Romeo
      Def: Ashley cole, Bertrand, David Luiz, Ivanovic

      And buy one good young goal keeper. Keep play the squad for atleast 5 weeks. Let the team chemistry and confidence grow. Then u can see the result. Keep on changing the squad won't bring any good to the team

    • Give the guy a chance! Only time will tell if he has what it takes or not. Wenger has won nothing for 6/7 years, and Ferguson took 6 years to get it right at United.

      Is it AVB's fault he inherited a squad where about 3/4 of the players are either too old/too slow or just not good enough.

      Mikel appears to have gone backwards. Yesterday was like Groundhog Day, too slow and ponderous on the ball, incapable of control a ball first time and finding a team mate 10 yards away....

      For all the hype, Ashley Cole is a terrible defender. Glen Johnson's winner could and should have been dealt with easily had Cole defended properly.

      As for club legend and skipper, this maybe unpopular view, but Terry looks past it. No pace, can't stay on his feet and suspect positional sence.

      For all the stick he gets, at last Luiz has time, but needs to learn fast. Cole & Terry have no such excuse.

      The whole team seem to have forgotted the basics!....

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      • Im a bit peed off they did us again,but you have to look at the big picture AVB needs to play the younger ones,which he did,but he needs to play all of them.I still think its not a happy camp, but lets wait and see.The bigger games are on saturday and the following tuesday we need 2 big wins.We can and we will get over this.I still think the older players have to much say who plays next to them. AVB must cut lose the older players, we must keep faith or new and younger players will not want to sign if they keep changing the managers

    • everyone goes on about villas boas,is he the right man for the job.he has got so much fire in him,he is smoking with passion for the club.we have been here so many times before with other managers,he must stay for the good of the young players no matter what.its some of you fans that are to picky, who else would you like to see as manager .so lets ALL get behind our lads and cheer them on come good or bad, we are better than all the other teams in the premier

    • Right now no he is not any good. It is a matter of whether the Board will put up with this and a lot of us fans are not happy to see how fragile and exposed the defence is this season. He has this philosophy of attacking football which may please Roman but is frankly out of date. Ardiles tried it and failed. It does not look good if we leak goals and miss easy chances. One or two players Mata and Romeu look the part. Others Torres do not nor ever will.
      If AVB stays we will finish outside CL and Europa League and with no silverware. If the club can sustain that then he will only improve - he cannot get worse.
      For my part he is too young, too green and has never played the game. Give me Hughes with Di Matteo or better still Roy Hodgson and if you want PL experience then Benitez.