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  • Andy Andy Nov 1, 2011 22:56 Flag

    JT racist ..... come on !

    JT has been accused of racism. The incident if it really happened took place in a very tough situation. Chelsea were two men down very early on in the QPR game. The whole team were under pressure and proved they were very competitive. Tensions must have been high. Anybody who plays Saturday morning leagues will know how tense things get. JT plays with a squad of which at least a third of the players are black and how many other black players has he both played with at Chelsea and for England and played against in all local and international games. It beggars belief that he would insult a player in such a way. There is a witch-hunt against him both by opposition fans and the media. They know by continual reporting and nagging will get the man down in the hope he under plays to the detrimental of his club and country.

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    • ADIDAS is a big sponsor of FIFA, Champions League,­ Olympic Games etc. They are also the kit sponsor of­ Chelsea and Liverpool - two teams that currently have­ players involved in alleged racist remarks. They also­ sponsor SPAIN; a team with a history of racist issues;­ So why don't ADIDAS come out with a statement­
      condemning Blatter and Racism Etc? If they, as such a­ huge sponsor and supporter of football, aren't­ prepared to make a stand then perhaps we should all­ boycott ADIDAS and their products. I'm sure they­ would suddenly decide to make a stance and perhaps apply pressure on FIFA to get rid of Blatter by withdrawing their sponsorship!

    • I have no idea if JT said it or not....................But to imply that JT isn't Racist as he plays in a team for club and country with Black players is a lame argument!!!

      JT and any other player would play in a team of Criminals, if they could get 200k a week!

      Are you honestly saying that if JT was Racist, he would refuse to pull on the Chelsea/England shirt if the team contained any Black players?????

      Playing in a team with other Black players proves nothing at all.

    • How abouit the 1000 Chelski fans chanting " Anton Ferdinhand, you know what you are " then ? #$%$ I call them. Don't you ?