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  • Tut tut Lord Hairy , bad form rubbing salt in the womb.

    Just checking in.........Basil..........we'd like a womb with a view. Our houseboy fergie will be along later with the luggage. He's just parking the europa.

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    • Oh dear Oh dear , that houseboy fergie has dented the europa......on purpose if you ask me. I believe the man sneaks off and abuses scotch whiskey. He's never liked the europa...too tame for his fancy I reckon. Now i shall have to have him horsewhipped. Wonder if there are any decent horsewhippers here. Perhaps i could advertise , put an inquiry in the local paper. Mandingo Eskimos are rather good horsewhippers , at least the carnivorous ones.

      Hmmmmmm , I must compliment Basil on his wife's spectacular calves.

      Well I'm off to the pub , should be back in time for Thursday's midget throwing competition. And I have been practising I have.