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  • Moose Moose Dec 18, 2011 08:08 Flag

    Are you lot giving Torres a fair shot?

    Simple answer - NO!

    Personally, I am making up my own mind about Torres and what I have seen of him in a Chelsea shirt. There has been and still continues to be a lot of garbage written in the press about Torres.

    Prior to his sending off against Swansea, Torres looked sharp and hungry. The Torres of old looked to be bubbling to the surface. However, since the returning from his 3 match ban, Torres has suffered from a lack of playing time and when he has been on the pitch a distinct lack of service from his team mates! (The same mistake Ancelotti made) How a manager believes a player will gain confidence and fitness from occasional 10-15 minute cameos is beyond me!

    Even when starting, Torres was regularly substituted regardless of how well he was or wasn't playing.... The Chelsea players also need to look at themselves. Torres thrives on service and yet has been starved of it at times due to selfish play from team mates. Sturridge against Arsenal is a prime example. Torres was in great positions on several occasions and yet Sturridge went for personal glory instead of putting the team first.

    As for Drogba, he has been mostly poor and off the pace this season and yet appears to have been rewarded for his brainless sending off against QPR. OK, he has scored a few goals since returning from his ban, but his work rate at times is non-existant and yet AVB appears reluctant to substitute him.

    I think there are two key factors involved. Drogba continues to be selected due to ongoing contract talks, with the club wanting to keep him happy and the other is the possibilty of despite what he says in public, AVB just does not like Torres.....

    Either way, even if the public stance is that he is wanted and not for sale at any price, unless aVB starts showing some faith in El Nino, another transfer request will be handed in before the end of the season!

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    • Well said Moose. I too believe Torres has been given a raw deal to date. Although I did not see the Aston Villa game, reports say he had an excellent game and was more like himself. He has been so close to scoring in many games must be so frustrating for him. He he had a great overhead attempt against Fulham but was unfortuneate to have a goalkeeper in great form. MOTD highlighted he was playing too much midfield and back. Well what can you say if the defence is letting the whole team down and to be frank (no pun intended) both Frank, Luis and Cech are not performing all that well. If the back row and goalkeeper were doing their job, there is a greater chance of the forwards getting more time and chances up front. (Luis should be more of a midfield player in my opinion) Now that Drogba will be away for a month or so, I think Torres will be given more first starts which will build up the confidence. Still fancy Torres to shine ...... Come on ye TORRES !!

    • Drogba is going to disappear to the Africa Nations Cup in January. Unless AVB plans to play Sturridge centrally at that time, then we must expect Torres to at least get a run in the team.

      I hope he comes good because we could do with investing any future funds available in other parts of the team. Drogba will almost certainly be going at the end of the year so finding good quality cover is important.

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      • no, he is not getting a fair shot at all. chelsea should get rid of villas boas!!!he is not up to the job here.same as ancelotti. there must be better coaches than him. i heard someone mentioning mark hughes would like to coach this team. he probably would do a much better job. i don`t think he would use so much favoritism. i always thought of him as being impartial and honest manager