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  • James James Jan 1, 2012 22:34 Flag

    Are you lot giving Torres a fair shot?

    Well said Moose. I too believe Torres has been given a raw deal to date. Although I did not see the Aston Villa game, reports say he had an excellent game and was more like himself. He has been so close to scoring in many games must be so frustrating for him. He he had a great overhead attempt against Fulham but was unfortuneate to have a goalkeeper in great form. MOTD highlighted he was playing too much midfield and back. Well what can you say if the defence is letting the whole team down and to be frank (no pun intended) both Frank, Luis and Cech are not performing all that well. If the back row and goalkeeper were doing their job, there is a greater chance of the forwards getting more time and chances up front. (Luis should be more of a midfield player in my opinion) Now that Drogba will be away for a month or so, I think Torres will be given more first starts which will build up the confidence. Still fancy Torres to shine ...... Come on ye TORRES !!