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  • Chris Fortune Chris Fortune Jan 26, 2012 21:55 Flag

    Are you lot giving Torres a fair shot?

    Torres is getting a fair shot. He just can't get it inside the gap created by those white frames.
    It wouldn't matter if the team were winning consistently, but the manager hasn't a frigging clue.

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    • You still think Torres is not being given a fair shot: 1000minutes without a goal, endless opportunities to run onto a ball but the service is just not that close enough to his feet. This is a 50million pound superstar who has scored 5 goals so far this season, Is currently the number 1 striker while Drog is in Africa and is being given all the playing time he needs to score: Surely football is about LUCK as well as skill and it seems like both have deserted Torres. The reason Torres can't get between the gap is because he consistently has his head down like he did at Anfield in his last season. Even if Torres comes good and bags a few in before the end of the season, any football fan would surely realise that this has been a £50million flop for this season at least. I ask you, does Torres look as if his heart is at Chelsea?