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  • CJ CJ Jan 4, 2012 10:22 Flag

    Whats your own opinion?

    Am a Chelsea fan..and the way I see our game,we r­ slow,weak n not much of a threat to the opposing­ team..with AVB 4-3-3 formations..we need new players to­ make Chelsea better.this is my own opinion.
    Gk:Hugo­ lloris or someone else but not Cech.
    Df:Ashley­ Cole,John Terry,pepe,Maicon..could consider also Gary­ Cahill and rAul albiol.
    Mf:kaka/iniesta,mata,david­ Luiz.
    St:sturridge,hulk and Torres.
    About the defenders­ pepe n Maicon are great signing to improve our­ defense,mostly the right back.
    As for midfield..if u­ noticed David Luiz more of a midfielder n could be a­ good DM.kaka,iniesta,mata are very
    Quick,experienced­ and great threat to the defenders..they will also bring­ back Torres form as one of the
    Best striker back on­ track.
    Sturridge and hulk good combination switching­ both wings with mata swinging in to,would just be­ classic.
    Now Torres have a lot of options to score more­ goals from this player..can still buy one more­ striker,but leave
    Torres as no 1 choice.
    Sub:Raul­ meireless,Ramirez and O.Romeu would contribute to­ strengthen weakened side.
    AVB..please consider­ this..this really what we need now at the moment­ present.
    Like it if you agree with me.

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    • My opinion,where do i start, chelsea are on the road to great things,a bright young manager buying strong young players who want to win look at barca they are what every team want to play,things are not going the way alot of fans would like but things are going to happen next season there will be alot of new face's we just need to keep the faith its been a funny season so fare we can still make top 3 its in chelsea's blood

    • i like what you have to say,it seems like some of the 1st 11 are throwing their toys about. they are not playing for THE CLUB again,some of the players have to go,MIKEL for one sorry he has had his time. why all this talk about strikers,we need a strong back 4,and midfield,all this about i dont like the way we play,grow up,you have to change to out paly the other teams.some of the chelsea team need to read these message's to know how some of the of the fans feel,are only hope is 4th spot

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      • we lack a decent midfield. i had already stated they don`t know how to tackle, they like to try to score from 30 yartds or more away, istead of passing. meireles and ramires should be sold and we should get better midfielders. the connection between defense and strikers is non existent. the way chealse is playing is pathetic, too slow, boring football.i have to to blame avb for letting them play the way they play.

    • I 100% agree with ur opinion. AVB pls think what would change this poor run.. For example David Luiz is more suitable to play as a midfielder. pls make some changes like this. Pls change the 4-3-3 formation to 4-4-2. Football is a very simple game. We have to ATTACK well and DEFFEND well. And we have to find way to score more and more in every match and win every match with good scoring ability. We should destroy the opposite diffence by TRICKY moves and passes..and not let they know what we are going to do and waste the ball. players must be trained to be very tricky expecially in front of the goal post and don't just pass the ball back to middle of the pitch wastly.

    • yes your idea is very good our defence will be stronger if cahill can join us.
      then luis will be more good in mid field,but we need good promising attacking midfilders like nilmar, iniesta, hulk, snijder,ribery , can strengthen our attack to make us more unbeatable and revive the scoring life of the dead costly striker torres,
      buying kaka will be another graet mistake ,bcs kaka and lamperd are at the same form.
      and get an other striker like carlos teves, musa sow, demba baa,
      also our empty headed manager should buy players to do well not warning the management not to spent much money on players,

      how can chelsea get victory without buying players with vision, while others are buying.

      i will be happy if my fellow fans will reason with me,