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  • James James Feb 5, 2012 20:48 Flag

    Should John Terry play for England

    Since the FA has demoted John Terry of the role of England captain, I wonder is there any point of him continuing playing for England. He oblviously is regarded as an embarrasment to the FA. He is a scapegoat/pariah for the Media (SUN etc) to kick at and who say he should have stood down a long time ago. Atleast JT has the support of Capello and AVB and fair pair to them giving their support. All in all, he damned if he does and damned if he doesn't. Also, if he is to continue playing for England he has to play with the brother of his accuser. So there definitely will be no friendship there. Rio Ferdinand has refused to take the captain's post..... Think of it, in theory he would have been handed (historically) the title from his arch enemy. The Ferdinand family would probably disapprove anyway. We all known blood is thicker than water. In my opinion, he should forget about playing for England and consentrate on Chelsea FC who both support him and pay his wages. No matter how the court case goes he will always be tarnished with racism.