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  • Chris Fortune Chris Fortune Feb 8, 2012 20:57 Flag

    Shame-shame-shame on England

    OK there won't be many shedding a tear over Capello's departure. But isn't it a gross shame to England that it takes a foreigner to remind Britain of Anglo-Saxon principles of justice.
    We all know that B-SKY and the #$%$media dominated by NewsInternational have already judged JT (making it a trial that is already prejudiced in law). But the media frenzy around the possible replacement of Capello with (Who Me?)'Arry is very unseemly and a disgrace. Let's appoint a guy who defends himself by denying any kind of ability to use a computer/fax machine/text or email!!!!
    Meanwhile, JT can now assert his innocence or a No-Trial status, by reference to the impossibility of there being a fair trial, and then the sueings for defamation can start.
    Meanwhile congratulations to Fabio for resigning on a point of principle. It's not his fault the England team is #$%$ because most kids (under 25) favour PS3 and X-Box over any kind of physical exercise.