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  • James James Feb 22, 2012 11:26 Flag

    avb starting line ups

    They keep saying its his project to change the team around. All very well but by doing so he is just demoralising both the players and the fans. It is soul destroying to watch the games these days. I like so many have no confidence in the success of the team at the minute. Almost guaranteed for any opposing team to score with Chelsea playing catch-up. Every opposing team now know they have a high percentage chance of winning the game. They have no fear of Chelsea unlike ManU or City (Bolton will have high hopes with a chance to beat Chelsea at the weekend if not managing a draw). We all know even if you are trying to introduce newer younger players you still keep the mature stronger backbone players for continual success. How can we expect Torres to perform when there is no real central players to push forward and added to the fact that everyone is panicking to prevent mess ups at the back.

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