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  • Pearless J Pearless J Mar 6, 2012 00:19 Flag

    Notification of termination of services

    i, for one am glad he`s gone. if he didn`t care about playing with a very inept midfield time and again, seeing it every game and doing nothing to improve it, showed to me what kind of coach he was. he could not do any better? good ridance . again, i am glad he is gone

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    • Worst manager BY FAR of the excessive number we've had since Ranieri was booted..
      I'd be happy with di Matteo to stay til the end of the season and beyond - to support any new manager. But Roman's humble pie should extend not only to Jose, but to Ray Wilkins. These are the best guides for Chelsea.

      Moose..you know little of Chelsea supporters' passion if you think we'd put up with that #$%$ for much longer.
      The guy was destroying the club I've supported since Barry Bridges and Frank Blunstone were playing!.

      PROJECT ??

      #$%$ !