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  • Pieter Maritzberg Pieter Maritzberg Apr 19, 2012 22:41 Flag

    Good Luck

    Thankyou James.
    It's not a strange idea at all.
    Surprising how many Barca fans (wannabees of course) have come out of the woodwork to wish desperately for Chelsea to be thrashed home and away.
    What they don't understand is that it would signify a complete collapse of the Premier League vis-a-vis the Spanish League! With the result that we (England) lose one of our four CL entitlements.
    And the premier league would collectively and ultimately be the poorer!
    If Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, United (or even Spurs - LOL) were the last English team represented then we should all be supporting them....though while more than one English team remains in the competition it is understandable for all partisan fans to wish to see their domestic 'enemies' removed from their own path to the Final!

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