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  • Pieter Maritzberg Pieter Maritzberg Apr 18, 2012 19:09 Flag

    Why the Sp*rs fans left early

    About 40 Chelsea 'fans' disrespected what is actually an debasement of grief to have been held in front of Wembley; whereas 40,000 Sp*rs fans departed early.
    Only the media chose to highlight the one over the other because of a mis-understood belief that holding a minute's silence at 6.00pm hundreds of miles and twenty three years after Hillsboro has any relevance to the two teams competing at Wembley.
    I'm with Alan Davies on this one. It was a perversion of real grief to force this upon the Wembley throng. It will NOT be done again!
    Applause would have been better!

    Personally I missed the minute's silence and was making a cuppa. Misplaced pseudo-grief. Hopefully the living members of the culpable Police at Sheffield in 1989 were respecting the silence!