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  • Pieter Maritzberg Pieter Maritzberg Apr 21, 2012 21:59 Flag

    £78million worth of mistakes

    £50 million for Torres (prevented Sturridge from finding a role as front man, alternative and following on from Drogba.
    And £28 million to fire Ancelotti/hire ABV (1%).

    Ah well. All came out of Roman's walkabout money - and less than a new fitted yacht & plane!

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    • Funny that, as soon as Chelsea's midfield woke up and started supplying Special Nando with some service, the goals came by the bucket load!!

      Yeap, Torres is a massive mistake! :-s

    • I am not arguing the merits of Drogba vs Torres. Currently Drogba is the better player. With the limited supply yes Drogba scores more than Torres. The problem is THE LIMITED SUPPLY. We have two centre forwards who between them in four competitions have managed a total of 18 goals!!!

    • Torres is not solely to blame for his troubles.

      Distinct lack of service from midfield is shocking. Torres work rate has been excellent this season. Far too often he can been seen making all the right runs and getting in the right places, but the pass never arrives.

      The wonderous Sturridge, who seems immune from critisism, is way too selfish for a wide role and not a team player. Kalou often has trouble controlling the ball, let alone supply an end product. Malouda at times is like a stagnant pond, no life what so ever, more side ways passes than David Batty!

      Many of Chelsea's problems were evident last season, time to take off the blinkers and look at the bigger picture.