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  • James K James K Apr 25, 2012 12:34 Flag

    JT is the elephant in the room

    the sleeping with a team mate's woman, the blatant racism & now the whole world watching him cheat.... caught red handed, red carded....

    If you "support" CFC is it bad taste to tell the truth about JT ??

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    • Yes indeed as dirty as they come,once again he lied at half time about being sent off "you know me man i don't do that sort of thing".This was when he thought Chelsea were going out,as did the whole of the football world mind you,He lied to try and save face from the onslaught that was heading his way.He knew he would be held fully responsible for the defeat and could not face up to it by admitting it would have been all his fault.A very similar thing was said by him in the Anton Ferdinand case,lies and backtracking.Roll on to the end of the game and Chelsea are in the final,oooh i might as well own up now the lads have done it,i won't be seen as bad now.Bottled it once again.

    • Ah, the masterbateman has turned to making red whine in his garage