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    "90 per cent of English fans of Chelsea in 2006 had not supported the club in 2003."



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    • 100% of Arsenal's African fans had not supported the club until Wenger implemented his transfer policy of recruiting French immigrants originating from Africa.

      95% of Arsenal's teenage fans and fans in their 20s began supporting Arsenal in the glory-years of the late 90s.

      85% of Arsenal's original supporters that actually knew who Chapman was, are dead.

      100% of Arsenal's Asian fan base began supporting the club after the purchase of Ryo Miaichi and Park.

      Quiz - Who are the Woolwich Wanderers?

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      • ALL football fans are fickle.

        I started supporting Chelsea after their 1970 FA Cup victory over Leeds Unired. They then won the European Cup Winners Cup in 1971 and were runners up in The League Cup in 1972. EVERY child supporting a team will go for the most succesful team when they are old enough to realise/follow football.

        I didn't see all the so called Chelsea fans supporting us now during the 80's when, although we had a bloody good team (Spackman, Nevin, Dixon, Speedie, Pates, McLoughlin - and Eddie our goalkeeper whose name I can never spell!!)

        But it's 'horses for courses' - many Man Utd, Liverpool, Arsenal,Chelsea supporters (and now Man City), follow their teams purely because they are succesful - not that they will go to the ground and watch them. No child wants to be the one supporting the team who does no good/wins nothing. I started supporting Chelsea because they were winning in the 70's - probably the same as may other clubs supporters at one time or another.

        So let's not quote 'statistics' - they are not worth the effort !!