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  • Chris Fortune Chris Fortune Jul 13, 2012 15:02 Flag

    Captain Terryfic Nearing Exoneration

    Now remains for Sky TV to apologise to JT for the way they reported the matter until recently.
    During the winter they were constantly talking of 'Anton Ferdinand, the alleged victim of a racist comment by John Terry'.
    This was a disgraceful example of judgmental journalism. Even up to yesterday they were reporting the case as a John Terry Racism Trial. Even the prosecution conceded JT is not a racist!FGS.
    You would think a broadcaster of Sky's notoriety would be more careful about the language they use.

    But on the other hand, they are mostly owned by Murdoch - so we get what we expect.
    Fortunately the magistrate knows his law better than Sky understand their responsibility to the community!

    Good on yer JT - Hold your head up high!