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    chelsea SUCKS better support manchester united

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    • Hubris is punished by the ancient gods.

    • I'm surprised at how negative the media has been towards Chelsea's CL win. If it were United, Arsenal, or Liverpool, you can bet they would be praising and hailing the victory as the greatest thing since sliced bread. Instead the anti-Chelsea media bang on about aging squad (which BTW they've been on about since Fergie said that in '09, and Chelsea have won the Prem, 2 FA Cups, and a CL since), luck, 'negative' football, and other such rubbish. The fact is that Di Matteo got his selections and tactics spot on, and the team executed brilliantly on the pitch to get the right results. You don't try to outplay Barca; United tried that and got utterly humiliated TWICE. You don't go to Bayern's home ground and not play defence, especially since they have two of the best wingers in the world in 'Robbery'. Save the goal fests for the weaker teams like the 4-1 demolition of Napoli, 5-0 Genk, 3-0 Valencia, and the 5-1 destruction of Spurs in the FA Cup.

      Defence is an essential part of the game and I enjoy seeing a crunching, last-ditch defensive tackle just as much as I enjoy seeing a curling drive into the top right corner of the goal. You can tell that these idiot media 'pundits' writing these articles belong to the instant gratification generation of Facebook, Twitter, etc. I bet they don't enjoy or understand games like Chess. It takes a lot of talent, discipline, and determination to play out to tactics for 90+ mins. What Chelsea did during the latter stages of the Champions League was nothing short of incredible. Lampard's sublime pass, and Ramires' exquisite lob at the Nou Camp was simply breathtaking. Coming back from 0-2 down, with the captain sent off, and at the mercy of the world's best player from 12 yards was simply one of the best matches I've ever seen.

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      • Frank, as a Man Utd fan I thought Chelse finished last season brilliantly, and you have made some good signings, we were after Hazard, I am not too sure about your manager, I think you finished the season so well because your players had something to prove after AVB left, although AVB was told to change things, so not really his fault, time will tell.

        You do need to keep Cole.

    • Robert does really support Man United, he is always on that board kissing the butts of all the blind followers on that board.