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  • An FA Cup and a Champions League title. The man should go down in legend. Instead he is sacked in the midst of the November sticky patch that Chelsea hit every year.
    The owner and the board sign the players, and they signed Luiz, the least defensive centre back I've ever seen, and Torres, who was going through the motions even in his last days at Liverpool. Yes, Mata, Oscar and Hazard are wonderful players, but without a real finisher, and players who can keep the door locked behind them, what is the point. Di Matteo did not sign those players.....Di Matteo did not prioritise attacking midfielders over defensive ones. Where is the screening, for the rocky back four?
    Abramovich has money to burn, and Chelsea are his plaything, but his actions today aren't football, and they aren't fair on Robbie. I hate to see it. But Ho Hum.........Please not Benitez next is all I can say!

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    • Hi Robert

      Agree - crazy decision from your board again. That said, I think, if you give him a fair run, Rafa may turn out to be a very good appointment. I wish we still had him.

    • This is horrible.


    • Like it or not, I have to live in the now.

      Managers have been and gone. There is a new one now. If he doesn't get results quickly he will probably be gone, and then the club will have a new manager again.

      What happens next? Who cares? Let's take one game at a time.


    • Well done, Fritz for supporting Chelsea since you were four years old.

      I have only been a Chelsea fan since 1966, and while we are talking age, I am 74. I was a late starter.

      In support of the Benitez boo boys, they are allowed to express their view at matches in my book. Not least because they have probably paid between £50 and £60 pounds for their ticket, and are supporting the club with deeds. While we here on the internet only support with our thoughts.

      Di Matteo was special both as a player and as a manager. It is right for the fans to honour his name.

      I personally don't like what I have seen of Benitez on tv over the years. It is not because he managed Liverpool, it is not because of anything he said then or since. He just is not Blue.

      Not yet anyway.

      But I have found in life that some of my best friends are people I did not like at first. So, we'll see.

      As for what the red half of the Premier league think. Who cares?

      This is about passion. That is what football is about. And those expressing their dislike of Benitez are passionate and not disloyal. They are at the games after all.

    • Like most Chelsea fans, I was disappointed with the dismissal of Roberto di Matteo. FACT.

      I liked him as a player for the club, and as manager he gave the club the Champions League. FACT.

      Now I have to try to make sense of it all. FACT.

      To start with, since the year 2000, Chelsea have won 3 League titles, 5 FA cups, 2 League cups and 1 Champions League. FACT.

      That's an average of one major trophy per season. The club has done that with eight different managers. Therefore, does it matter that the club doesn't have continuity? Arsenal have managerial continuity and haven't won much at all. FACT.

      The club have an almost new, and very young team now. That's good.

      I don't like Benitez. I probably never will. But I do like the club winning things.

      Let's be patient and see what happens next.


      ps FACTS for fun :)

    • I'll tell you about loyalty.I am a 60 year old Chelsea fan and have supported my beloved Blues for 56 years.

      Loyalty is sticking with a team who costs managers their job, even if they managed to get us relegated twice to Div 2!

      Loyalty is supporting your footie team when they don't deserve it and believe me, this time they don't!

      Don't fool yourselves in to thinking we are a great footballing team; the best in Europe because, as much as I hate to admit it, we aren't!

      We won the CL with a Didier Drogba penalty in the shoot out AETit's because we couldn't score in open play!

      The team that cost Robbie his job NOT Roman Abramovitch. Let's be clear about that! And to be honest, we did not deserve to stay in the CL. Period.

      Loyalty is about us giving Rafa our support no matter how much we hate him because of his Mersyside or Spanish pedigree or because of remarks he's made in the past about Chelsea FC.

      Loyalty is about supporting Chelsea Football Club and the manager. Without our support, the team's morale will begin to suffer.

      To all the Boo Boys who continually chant Robbie's name and to those who continually boo Rafa, I have a message for you - BUGGAR OFF!

      You are not real Chelsea fans. You simply have no idea how the red half of London are laughing at us when they see your childish behaviour on MOTD, SKY, CTV or whatever.

      You continuing actions make Chelsea a bigger laughing stock than anything Abramovitch can do. Frigging GROW UP and get behind Rafa, Torres and the team - even if they don't deserve it.

    • Two scoreless draws so far. Three more games without a win and he should be gone.