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  • paul g paul g Jul 6, 2005 18:03 Flag

    what a waste of money

    Blair steps from G8 dicussing world economics to spending millions on people playing games.

    50,000 people dying each day because of poverty and starvation!

    Can we get some perspective just for a few years.. then go back to playing games

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    • Do you speak about Europe?

      If yes, I agree. Europe is a waste of money.

    • Here here ! It will be a complete waste of money, just like the millenium dome was (and still is !) Let's pour the billions of pounds into trying to sort out real problems at home and abroad. The taxpayers will foot the bill for something that most of us don't want. How about spending some of the money on care for the elderly, mental health research, homelessness, cancer research ?? The list is endless

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      • You already spend all your money there idiots!

        Don't you think it's time to spend some money on culture??
        You always want to sort out the problems in your country. The world does not exist for the Brits, and presenting an international face is last priority for the Brits.

        Well, although i would love to see the olympics in London cause I think it is a great city, I think that Brits like you, better rot alone in your small island, or more possibly rot in the big que to the Social Services!!

    • I can understand a lot of people wanting us to win 2012 rather than Paris just out of pride and ego. All that aside, just seems like more work for the taxpayers! Not to mention what all these high tech campuses will charge the public to keep themselves running when its all over. Plus theres the public transport issue! It can barely cope with the people in UK net alone all the foreigners who will descend apon us.

      In my opinion, the Olympics is a fantastic event - but not at the expense for years to come. As if we havent got enough to pay for already??

    • Poverty and starvation is a terrible thing. But for gods sake people, if all we worry about is that then and bad things in the world, we will all be bumbling nervous ticking time-bombs.

      The olympics will bring great Athletes, Entertainment and Revenue to our Country. We are Britain, we need to cheer up!

      When you consider the amount of debt we are about to write-off, and the amount the Olympics will generate, maybe you could think along the lines of 'The Money Raised from the Olympics helped save millions of African Children'.

      Thats just one way of thinking of it. Its in the wrong order, but still logical.

      If our great Prime Minister can help our bid, then fair play to the man. That silly little man from France was there too, and if anything Blair could do with being near this man in public, maybe land a punch on his nose the arrogant french git.