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  • Trev Trev Jul 6, 2005 21:21 Flag

    Can we use this to feel BRITISH again?

    There has been much banging on over the last few years about how we are not patriotic etc etc, the mood seems to be changing, the last World Cup for example. To me it makes sense to pull together as a country and really show the world that we have an identity. A British identity which includes the English, Welsh, Scots and Irish. Can we do it for this monumental show where the whole world will be watching our Nation?

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    • Do not think for one minute any Irishman will be glad of that inclusion in your "British Identity".

      I simply had to turn the tv off earlier. Yes congratulations, 2012 olympic games (how impressed I am). A few weeks ago, your countrymen couldn't care less about these games (omit those who have campaigned and have a love of track&field et al.). However, the average Brit seem to always find another reason to jump on the bandwagon and throw your Union Flag up in the air. It digusts me. It's not patriotism, it's annoying. A classic example of your so-called "patriotism" can be seen each year at Wimbledon. How can any opponent play against such a crowd. Cheering on the opponents misfortune, just because he happens to be British; well that's real sportsmanship.

      What will be interesting to see, is how your lunatic soccer fans behave when they suddenly find themselves with an interest in track&field. I'm sure they'll jump at this opportunity to show the world just how nice a place England is to visit. Accept the challenge of the Olympics, England, and work towards rbeuilding the troubled aspects of your country. We're sick of hearing about 1966...

    • Why on Earth would you want to feel British? It's embarrassing. I'd rather be almost anything other than British these days.

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      • But why is it embarrassing? Only because the British identity has been allowed to slip, maybe if you were one to start to change that. It is almost like saying (on a smaller scale) I am from the county of....I dunno....Warwickshire but are ashamed of being English. You are still English but through historical reasons you are actually British, you are allowed to be both you know, be proud to be English and be even prouder that you are part of something outside of your "county" too.

      • I left Britain because of people like you. I’ve never been embarrassed about being British but I am embarrassed over the apologists living in Britain who seek to put down their country and kinsmen. Shame on you!

    • Winning the Olympic bid was one thing but establishing a British Identity that includes the Irish...... God you don't half set yourself some tough goals, you've a better chance establishing a British Identity that includes the French! Reimburse us with the 800+ years back rent on the North and we'll consider some options! Congratulations on getting the hosting by the way....look forward to it! Blair for Taoiseach!!!!!

    • But will BRITAIN get the kudos and a share of the finacial windfall - or will it just be London? I can make a good guess and I can also guarantee that BRITAIN will be paying for it and NOT just London.

    • I don't think it will work like that unfortunately Jed. As a Scotsman in the Army living and working, at the moment at least, in the South of England. I don't see what benefit the Olympics is going to bring to the people of BRITAIN in say the cities of Cardiff, Wrexham, Belfast, Londonderry, Glasgow , Dundee , Inverness, Manchester, Liverpool, Necastle, Leeds, Yeovil or anywhere else in the UK for that matter. I believe that the English, not British, establishment thinks that the WORLD revolves around London, and until such time as another City in the UK is provided with much needed reinvestment and change in its infrastructure, then the decision by the British Olympic commitee to promote LONDON as the venue will always be a devisive decision. Rant over I really do hope it goes welll though and my Poll Tax and train fares don't increase TOO much !!!

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      • said it before, say it again......OMG! I cant believe all the fuss this is causing! I dont remeber such a big deal being made over Birmingham and Manchester..but then they arent the centre of the world. Gleneagles couold be on fire and it apparently wouldnt make any difference to my "fellow countrymen". Sharon Davies summed it up beautifully on the BBC- " England will benefit". As usual the rest of the uk is apparently insignificant.

    • i'd love to feel British but unfortunately the inter- UK nations have gone too far along the road of independence. You only have to take a look at some of the racist(?!) comments on this board to realise that. It's a really sad state of affairs.

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      • Exactly. The problem is that by having a sense of national pride (to which we have a right) people tend to view us as allied with the BNP-voting halfwits who seem to litter these boards. Measures like taking away their passports have helped to an extent, but the general impression of other nations of British people won't change overnight.

        The longer we can go on and the more international events we can stage without them being affected by the minority of retards who sadly exist in this (and every) country, the better.

        In that respect, we need the Olympics far more than Paris does, if only to clean up our image and restore our national pride.

      • Well im sorry but im staying ENGLISH, the Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish (get it right!) only want to be BRITISH when they want to be so why shouldnt we?

    • errrrr NO We live in Britain, Londoners live in London.

    • no, not for all of us can we use the olypics to feel 'british' again. the english killed my parents and my grandparents. i'm irish. london is a million miles away from where i am.

    • london is welcome to the olympics, its a right sh*thole !!! just dont come to cardiff and make a mess !!! not british , WELSH . **** the queen, free cymru

    • If Edinburgh were staging the Olympics there would be no end of publicising the Scottish identity. London should take this opportunity to promote the English identity. Personally I am sick and tired of being tarred as 'British' just to placate other members of the UK.

      If I go to the Olympics I will be waving the cross of St. George. I am English not British!

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